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Born Free Chapter 19 Alfred Ivan RusAme
Chapter 19
Alfred Ivan RusAme
On the Road Again
Ivan searched for the better part of an hour and still found no sign of Alfred.  He began to mutter a long string of very foul words under his breath that grew steadily louder each passing moment as his frustration neared its peak. He felt the telltale vibration in his pocket he knew without looking who it was, reluctantly he answered the phone to a grim sounding Gilbert on the other end, “They’ve made it to the old hideout. We need to move soon.”
Ivan’s sucked in a breath, that was not what he needed to hear right now, “Well we both knew it was only a matter of time, but I was hoping it would have taken them longer to find our trail.”
“We’re all packed and ready to go as soon as you get back. Did you burgerbrains yet?”
Ivan let out a frustrated huff, “Niet.” he said as he climbed the hill and noticed Alfred’s pack just over the next ridge, “Wait, I think I
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The demon named Beur found himself outside the slave auctions, again. It was not his favorite place but he had been requested by the slave master, Moloch. Beur and Moloch had no love for each other Beur was constantly trying to shut him down for trafficking in children.  The adults didn't bother Beur so much, in his mind many of them were there  by their own hands. The foolish Demons and other creatures with desperate wishes who bargained away their freedom for one misguided cause or another, Beur had no mercy for them. But it wasn't a practice he supported either way, in his mind no creature should be enslaved to another, he preferred... other methods.  But too much interest in the practice meant the slave trade was going nowhere anytime soon. So Beur did the only thing he could think of, which is… regulate the fuck out of it.
He entered the dark dilapidated
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Sunset Moments
Ivan searched the empty streets for hours; he was just about to give up when he finally found who he was looking for. He walked over and stood behind Alfred silently, unsure of what to do next.  
Alfred didn't notice Ivan as he sat on the beach and stared out at the vast sea before him. He left the meeting early to go clear his head. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't push the thoughts of a certain Russian nation out of his mind. Was he imagining the lingering looks Ivan had been giving him lately? Just the thought of Ivan returning his feelings thrilled him and made his heart race. Yes, it had to be his imagination, Alfred assured himself. There was no way Ivan would ever feel that way about him. But the truth was, he had been thinking of nothing but Ivan lately. Alfred sighed frustratedly and lay back on the sand to stare up at the sky.
Ivan remained quiet, still unwilling to disturb Alfred's moment. Instead he watched the pull and push of the endless dance
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Kitten confusion by evilqueen112 Kitten confusion :iconevilqueen112:evilqueen112 6 5
Born Free 18 Eagle's story
Born free 18
Hetalia APH axis powers
Eagle's story
Cougar took a mouth-full of dirt on her, less than heroic, landing, as the bald eagle flapped her wings and screeched angrily at her.  Alfred could hear the voice of the eagle as she began to stuffily read Cougar the riot act, "Graceless, disrespectful little…" As she continued Alfred immediately noticed something about her voice. He felt like he'd heard it before. He walked up and grabbed Cougar, who was now half way up the fence post that the eagle was perched on, attempting to swat at the bird with her paws. "Dude,  I just wanna play." Cougar whined as she squirmed to get free.  
Alfred couldn't help but smile at her. She was so cute, even when she was being a total pest. "Didn't you bring me here to talk to her?" he asked as the cub stilled and looked up at him.
"Yeah, okay already, just put me down!" Alfred let the cub jump out of his arms where she sat at his fe
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Born free 17... Where the heck have you been?
Born free 17
Hetalia APH axis powers
Ivan woke up slowly, becoming aware of things one at a time, as the world fell into place around him. The strange tugging sensation that seemed to be coming from the direction of his capitol, Gilbert and Xenia talking hurriedly in the kitchen, the birds outside in the garden, the feel of the sun streaming though the window, the lead weight settled on his chest….huh?
Ivan opened his eyes and was met with a furry face staring back at him. With an angry yell Ivan flailed, throwing Boris off of him. The wolf landed on the floor and stared up at him indignantly. "Don't look at me like that you don't even belong in the house never mind in the same bed with me!" Ivan scolded.
Boris flattened his ears and gave a short snort as he skulked off to the kitchen to bug Xenia for some breakfast.  
"Good morning Vanya, how are you feeling?" asked Xenia as Ivan emerged from the spare room.
"I feel fine now." Ivan look
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'Big' Shawn Eric's birthday present by evilqueen112 'Big' Shawn Eric's birthday present :iconevilqueen112:evilqueen112 3 1

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How Not to Tell a Story
After being on DeviantArt for a few years now, I've noticed patterns in people's stories. Patterns, that I can't say I've ever seen until I started using the internet. I believe that's because these kind of patterns are thoroughly unprofessional. The pattern in short is this:
Character = victim
Plot = bad things happening to said victim
Maybe this sounds harsh. It's not if you understand that is ALL there is to these stories. They take any character, hurl them into a tragedy and that's it.
Let's get this straight: We do not know your character well enough to care about them yet. No matter how bloody and gutty their injuries are, no matter how many of their family members are deceased, no matter what their boyfriend did to them, no matter what kind of disease they have, WE. DO. NOT. CARE!!!!!
These kind of things are sad in themselves, but WHO is this person we're supposed to feel so horrible for? Establish THAT. It should be your absolute FIRST priority: no exceptions.
No more pasting
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A Thing.

Thu Apr 26, 2012, 12:11 PM

Every second bleeds away the day, chipping away at months, and slowly dissolving the years as it patiently adjusts the continents slightly to the left.

You don’t even notice how much time has past, until you cut it open and count the rings and realize, to your dismay, just how many there are.

It’s as if the days blow away on that wretched wind, the one howling outside your window that rattles the siding on the house and moans as it rustles through the trees, ripping off the weaker leaves.

Eventually we are all eaten up and sent back to wherever or whatever it is we came from. Everything neatly recycled, broken down to its component parts and used again and again. Spinning endless replays played out on every size and scale from atoms to solar systems, maybe even the universe itself.

But if that scares you, you can make a god, gather your friends, burn an effigy. Just don’t be surprised when time ignores your efforts as it slides past you and leaves you behind like that damnable wind blowing through your hair. 


The Dread Pirate Swordfish
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current base of operations: NJ, USA

I like stuff that goes boom.

My god is science and I seek my solace in the endless domain of the stars.

I live my life according to nobody's rules but my own, but when you boil it all down, I'm a hopeless dork trying to look like I belong somewhere.

"love is not all wine an roses, sometimes its handcuffs and cheese."


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